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iPix A4 housing for iPhone 4 or 4S

IDR 990,000

i-Divesite, the Hong Kong based underwater light and accessories manufacturer, has announced the i-Pix housing for the iPhone.


The iPhone has revolutionized photography, as many people who were previously uninterested in taking photos have enjoyed the convenience of having a relatively sophisticated camera without adding an additional device.


Additionally, the popularity of mobile image sharing tools like Instagram and Facebook has made iPhones most peoples go-to cameras for everyday use. As they say - the best camera is the one you have with you.

 photo iPixWhite_zpsad89ea4e.jpg

Now the same convenience can apply to underwater photographers, with the i-Pix from i-diveiste. The housing has a depth rating of 40m. It has three conductive buttons, which allow you to switch to between videos and photo, put it in sleep mode, or activate the shutter at anytime.


The iPix even has a M32 lens mount so you can add a wide angle or macro wet lens. There will be a dedicated app available from the Apple's app store before it ships in August.  It will be available in white, black, green, orange, magenta and blue. 


  photo ipix-allcolours_zps74655302.png


i-Pix Specs:

- Depth Rating: 40M

- Controls: 3 Buttons and home button

- Software: Dedicated App for housing

- Functions: Switch between video and stills, activate sleep mode, activate any button

- Lens Mount: M32 - ready for wide angle and macro wet lenses

- Colors: White, black, green, orange, magenta and blue

Apps: Divecam for IOS


NOTE: No touch screen and no phone call underwater, NO SMS and NO phone signal after 50cm depth, this housing is providing a completely seal enclosure to operate the camera of the iPhone underwater.

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